Boundary, a collection of works by Takatoshi Kuronuma
『クロヌマタカトシ作品集 境界 boundary』 特別限定本
Number : Kuronuma04
Size : 291mm×219mm
Stock : 4
Price : 33,000円(税込)
Takatoshi Kuronuma

この頃、独学で木彫を始める。退社後、職業技術校にて木工基礎を学び、2010年彫刻家として独立。2011年初個展。2017年厚木に工房を構える。 この頃、独学で塑造を始める。現在に至る。

Born in Atsugi (Kanagawa Pref.) in 1985. After graduating from design school, where he studied architecture, Kuronuma worked as a foreman at building construction sites. During this period, he independently began studying woodcarving. Leaving his regular job, he proceeded to study the basics of woodworking at a vocational school. In 2010, he started working freelance as a sculptor. He held his first solo exhibition in 2011, and opened his own studio in Atsugi in 2017. From that time, he began independent study of modeling, the field in which he remains active today.

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彫刻家・クロヌマタカトシ初の作品集 『境界 boundary」が2023年10月に刊行されました。本書はこれを記念し制作された特別限定本です。彼はデッサンを描くことなく彫り始め、彫ることが自身にとってデッサンなのだと語ります。この特別本は、数少ないクロッキーを厳選し、自署によるサイン、エディション番号が付いています。美しい装丁の函入りの特別な本となります。


『クロヌマタカトシ作品集  境界 boundary』特別限定本


著者サイン入り ドローイングシート付き 函入り エディションNo.入り。

撮影 クロヌマタカトシ 

デザイン 須山悠里 企画 祥見知生 刊行 株式会社 ADP | Art Design Publishing





Sculptor, Takatoshi Kuronuma’s first book of works, “Boundary”, was published in October 2023.

This book is a special limited edition commemorating the publication.

Takatoshi Kuronuma started carving without drawing, and he says that carving is drawing for him.

This special book contains a selection of his rare croquis, signed by him and numbered.

The book will be specially bound in a beautifully bound box.


boundary, a collection of works by Takatoshi Kuronuma
A4 size (291mm x 219mm), bound in paper, 192 pages
Special limited edition book in a box with autographed croquis, price 30,000 yen + tax
Photography by Takashi Kuronuma
Design by Yuri Suyama   Planning by Tomoo Shoken
Published by ADP | Art Design Publishing



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