小屋 矢尾板克則
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1969年新潟県生まれ。新潟県長岡市にて作陶。 詩情あふれる作風で色化粧の器やオブジェを作る。既知の風景を感じさせる中間調の懐かしい色合いは独特の世界観を感じさせる。

Born in Niigata prefecture in 1969. Ceramist based in Nagaoka-shi, Niigata prefecture. Creates colorful utsuwa and objects that are full of poetic sentiment. The nostalgic halftone shades are reminiscent of well-known landscapes that express his unique view of the world.
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‘Koya’ is a collection of porcelain panel pieces made by Katsunori Yaoita, a ceramic artist based in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture. Koya is a weathered hut with a plain beauty, built to store tools necessary for farm work and carpentry. For each member of the audience, Yaoita’s work is designed to recall their imagined landscapes and nostalgic memories. We hope you are able to find a personal ‘koya’ for yourself.



This work was vigorously produced at his solo exhibition at SHOKEN IZU.